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Discover more about the Nano-Current Facials HERE

Except Nano-Current, all facials include  Skin Analysis, Cleansing, Steam Massage, Exfoliation, Mask, Extraction ( if necessary) and Hand Treatment.

Add LED  Wave Light Therapy to any facial for an additional $ 25.00 for 15 minutes. Our Wave Light offers a larger area of treatment and is a great complement to all facials, excelling with microdermabrasion and glycolic facials. LEDs (infrared, red, amber, blue, green) are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, enhance skin elasticity, promote collagen production, repair sun damage and combat acne. 

All Series detailed below must be paid in full prior to first treatment.

If you choose LED Wave Light Therapy please add an additional 15 Minutes to your facial time.

European $   95 65 Minutes
 Nano-Current Facelift   $  100 65 Minutes
                                   Series of 10   $   800 Recommended  in a Series of 10, one week apart, for truly SPECTACULAR results
Microdermabrasion (Crystals or Diamond) $  125 65 Minutes
Series of 3 $  325
Series of 6 $  600
Add Neck and Decollete $  145 75 Minutes
Series of 3 $  375
Series of 6 $  700
Chemical  Glycolic Peel 40% $   125 65 Minutes
Enzyme Peel (Papaya or Pumpkin) $    100 65 Minutes
Acne $      95 65 Minutes
UltraSound Spatula $   135 65 Minutes
Mini $      50 30 Minutes


Cellulite Reduction & Lifting Upper Arm, Abdomen, Buttocks $   125 30 Minutes

Lash $    30
Brow $    25
Lash and Brow $    50
Brow $    25

Please avoid exposing your waxed skin to sun or tanning solutions for 24 Hours. We cannot offer waxing services to clients currently undergoing medical treatments/procedures that render the skin sensitive.

Lip, Chin, Nose$   10each
Standard Bikini$   20
Playboy Bikini$   35
Full Leg and Bikini$   65/up
Full Leg and Playboy$   75/up
Upper Leg and Bikini$   50/up
Upper Leg and Playboy$   60/up
Lower Leg$   30
Full Arm$   35
Half Arm$   25
Underarm$   15
Sideburn$   15
Facials    |   Tinting    |   Shaping    |   Waxing

Nano-Current/Ultra Sound/RF (radio frequency)

In a nutshell, Nano-Current technology uses small electrical impulses applied to the skin, to increase collagen, add energy and eliminate toxins. This treatment has been used safely in medical practice with great success for many years, for many medical applications. The Ultrasound and RF modalities aid the Nano-Current to effectively penetrate deeper, current and product, and therefore achieve higher and accelerated lifting.

The facial gives an enhanced tightening of the skin. The Nano-Current helps the muscles extend and re-shape to original younger form with great rejuvenating and toning results.

A series of treatments, one week apart at first, will render Amazing Natural Results. Maintenance treatments will insure collagen activation, muscle toning and skin rejuvenation. The word Natural is used to emphasize that this treatment does not lead to results that can be easily detected, such as fillers or injectables and is a viable alternative to expensive surgery facelift.

Belladana New Nano-Current/UltraSound/RF Machine is many times more effective than any other micro-current facial available!

The same technology is used for your body! The targets are cellulite, body firming and lifting. The areas of treatment, upper arms, abdomen and buttocks will benefit greatly from the production of new collagen, muscle toning and tightening of the skin!

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